WooSlider in a Page

Here are examples to illustrate some of the different ways of adding WooSlider to your WordPress posts.

A Slideshow using the “Posts” post type

This slideshow was created by using Posts added to a specific category. The slider is then inserted into the posts by means of a shortcode, generated by using Add Media > Slideshow on the Edit Post page in WordPress.

This was done using the shortcode:

“Attached Images” slideshow

Another great feature of WooSlider is the ability to create a slideshow from the images uploaded to a specific post or page. Just select the “attched images” option when inserting your slideshow, and any images you have uploaded to that post will be displayed in slider like below.

This was done using the shortcode:

“Slides” carousel slideshow

WooSlider 2.0 provides a great carousel feature, used primarily with the “Slides” slideshow type. Below is an example of a slides carousel, also set to display each slides Featured Image, instead of it’s content.

This was done using the shortcode: